Sunday, 19 September 2010

you're an open book.

Have you ever heard of the website ?
it lets you see everyone statues update that isn't set to completely private. Anyone. All across the globe. Type in something like "cheated on my wife", or "feeling horny" and you'll come across an extraordinary amount of things people have said. This could affect a future job says openbook and the UK editor of WIRED. People lurking around you're life and judging you on it.

I raise the question is our lives the problem? Should we have to be a perfect example of a human being to get a job? If we become depressed or angry once in a while should that be concern that in one day in work we snap break out Uzi and slaughter every mother fucker in sight?! Of course not. Prof. Brian Cox used to play in a band that came up with "Things can only get better." it does not mean that his theories or facts are suddenly a joke. Jobs should be looking for an individual who is rich in the world and has covered many aspects of life and the career they want to continue with.
We seem to be talking about jobs as if they were a machine, people are hiring people. Everyone mistakes, even businesses.
Yes. I feel invaded beyond what I should be. But when I say what i feel shouldn't effect what I am like professionally. Time to power down.

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