Wednesday, 15 September 2010

long time no speak.

my summer.
Happy new year. Academic year. (I wonder if we declared our country no long a god fearing island but an atheistic one that this would actually be declared new year. Freshers week would be bigger) I've not had a very productive summer you can peep round the corner and see what I've been up to here, if you don't fancy it go back to your yogurts. How rude of me, I never mentioned what project I was doing before I disappeared from you. I and my very friendly friend Mr. Douglas Wood made a bird box with an internal guitar that plays itself when a bird flies in and out completely unharmed (I've had to explain lots of times that the bird does not get tangled in it all. Go see the box here, he might even have a cookie for you. I've not focused any thoughts over the summer but now I'm back and I'll try to be faithful and have some new thoughts up soon.

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