Sunday, 23 January 2011

personailty quiz.

I took a personality quiz the other day and found i barely exist as a person. I am a moderate Activist, moderate Reflector, low Theorist and very low Pragmatist. I've taken a different before which I much preferred the result which said I was an INTP. Which was much more fun to be linked to very highly regarded discoverers of science and human nature, but may not have always been the characters of great moral. So combining the two I am barely a great person. I've not updated this much lately, I've started using Tumblr a lot more but it isn't very proffesional because it's like a giant sketchbook.

When I was talking to my group I found out I wasn't alone others got a overall lower status and some others had high results so over all we are a fairly rounded group of highs and lows. I am not alone.