Friday, 25 September 2009

one step further.

My most recent project for university is to design and build a radio. Now it might be horribly true that video killed the radio star and i cant really believe that if i create a magnificent and revolutionary radio that suddenly radio will become great and families will gather round it at night instead of slobbering over the t.v. god i miss the tele. so i imagine the times when your face is scraped off the t.v is when you're not near mains, near mains or when you're not paying great attention to anything as t.v. is quite a big distraction its not great when you re working on something.

now to reference to the title. the first blog i did (this being the third. no one reads this but jade anyway, hi jade) about making products that grew. i have an idea for the radio and since i thought of working in the garden it would be a smashing idea to see how plants got energy. solar power easy. watering a radio? no idea how that would work, the only thing i could imagine would be if i were able to split the hydrogen and oxygen up through a filter and some how extract an electron like a hydrogen fuel cell but i think I've made this up.
energy from soil? hm there a low level way of getting heat from the soil to power the radio, probably not. compost plants love the stuff how could i make that a continual power source for a radio though. no clue (yet). plants love horse shit. but i don't think a radio pumping out bio fuels would be a great way of doing things.
so i propose that the radio be carnivorous. since two plants i know do it and then get energy that way. people don't like slugs and snails eating all their hard work and labour so why not let a radio eat the slugs and come out as sweet sweet Terry Wogan. we know how to lure in flies with certain lights and smells, is there anything that can attract slugs and snails? I also believe there wont be technology advanced enough that can make slugs into a respectable amount of energy to run a radio.

A second or conjoined idea is a kenetic energy. Where a spring is tightened by a seeming bird feeder. It should blow in the wind at times to power it like that and when a bird lands to feed it should tighten also, and it'll keep the birds from eating those lovely worms that make your plants grow so nicely.

feedback? not you jade.