Saturday, 25 September 2010

Robot Psychology

This is an on going topic I've recently become interested in, so it's as smooth around the edges as a circular saw. So the thought is: as robots become more cognitive and will inevitable question their surroundings and settings what will happen? Our 'big' question involve "how did I get here?" "why am I here?" we can tell robots those powerful questions. What if they reject what they were put here for? When they want to do something else. When they WANT! Obviously we wont know until they do want, but it's always depicted as violent.
Maybe it'll show us something about ourselves as a race. Will we have to give the robots psychology sessions? Do all things that are able to emote ask the same questions? Will they just take it for granted that they can reject the makers planning, can they even reject the plans since the circuits are built specifically for something unlike our brains able to re-wire and re-think. Fluid circuits? Jonathan Baldwin talk to me man!

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