Thursday, 30 September 2010

my mind map

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First and Foremost

That's me in the the jumper
I'll be discussing with this lot about my dissertation proposal (which I will be posted and written on this blog) and I will be debating their choices and ideas, either in person or as comments due to work clashes.
I will be writing about "Bio/Techno Sphere & Design", now I know what you're thinking. Don't think that.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Robot Psychology

This is an on going topic I've recently become interested in, so it's as smooth around the edges as a circular saw. So the thought is: as robots become more cognitive and will inevitable question their surroundings and settings what will happen? Our 'big' question involve "how did I get here?" "why am I here?" we can tell robots those powerful questions. What if they reject what they were put here for? When they want to do something else. When they WANT! Obviously we wont know until they do want, but it's always depicted as violent.
Maybe it'll show us something about ourselves as a race. Will we have to give the robots psychology sessions? Do all things that are able to emote ask the same questions? Will they just take it for granted that they can reject the makers planning, can they even reject the plans since the circuits are built specifically for something unlike our brains able to re-wire and re-think. Fluid circuits? Jonathan Baldwin talk to me man!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

you're an open book.

Have you ever heard of the website ?
it lets you see everyone statues update that isn't set to completely private. Anyone. All across the globe. Type in something like "cheated on my wife", or "feeling horny" and you'll come across an extraordinary amount of things people have said. This could affect a future job says openbook and the UK editor of WIRED. People lurking around you're life and judging you on it.

I raise the question is our lives the problem? Should we have to be a perfect example of a human being to get a job? If we become depressed or angry once in a while should that be concern that in one day in work we snap break out Uzi and slaughter every mother fucker in sight?! Of course not. Prof. Brian Cox used to play in a band that came up with "Things can only get better." it does not mean that his theories or facts are suddenly a joke. Jobs should be looking for an individual who is rich in the world and has covered many aspects of life and the career they want to continue with.
We seem to be talking about jobs as if they were a machine, people are hiring people. Everyone mistakes, even businesses.
Yes. I feel invaded beyond what I should be. But when I say what i feel shouldn't effect what I am like professionally. Time to power down.

Fashion 2050

Digital Skins Body Atmospheres from Nancy Tilbury on Vimeo.

When technology enters the biological most of us will become uncomfortable, unless you've read a lot of sci-fi comics and becoming giddy at the idea of being a cyborg. This is a video by Nancy Tilbury, a course Director for a new postgraduate Fashion Programme at Kingston University London.
It illustrates the idea of what our person, and to a greater extent our world, could be like if nanotechnology was to enter our culture. One of my pervading questions is will people accept it?
If you've ever seen someone walking down the street with false contact lenses in you have to double take to check if it's natural or not, but if you're part of the culture that already accepts that not every ones eye will vary from grey to dark brown, but fluorescent green and orange can be a norm and not to become medically panicked.
So as we see glimpses of the future we could create do we feel uncomfortable or excited? Protest or Embrace?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

long time no speak.

my summer.
Happy new year. Academic year. (I wonder if we declared our country no long a god fearing island but an atheistic one that this would actually be declared new year. Freshers week would be bigger) I've not had a very productive summer you can peep round the corner and see what I've been up to here, if you don't fancy it go back to your yogurts. How rude of me, I never mentioned what project I was doing before I disappeared from you. I and my very friendly friend Mr. Douglas Wood made a bird box with an internal guitar that plays itself when a bird flies in and out completely unharmed (I've had to explain lots of times that the bird does not get tangled in it all. Go see the box here, he might even have a cookie for you. I've not focused any thoughts over the summer but now I'm back and I'll try to be faithful and have some new thoughts up soon.