Sunday, 27 March 2011

Design studies project is done and dusted

After a very shaky presentation by myself, Helen and Liam, (I don't think anyone noticed the shakes) we had little questions, no surprise, which we answered very quickly. I'm very proud of my team everyone put in their part. But this is meant to be about me. So as for myself I do what I've always done for a brief given to me, good coming up with the ideas and how it could work (the big picture) but I dither on the nuts and bolts of it all. I really need to sort that out. I need to treat briefs like a designer. But I was the relaxed one telling people it would be ok, what we needed to do to get over the next hurdle and that panic wasn't the solution. Some times possibly annoying the team mates with how nonchalantly confident I was. I volunteered to do the talking as it is one of my stronger traits. This wouldn't have done so well with out the entire team chipping in. It was a group thing so I find it very difficult to say what I've done.

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