Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What if we're wrong.

The last few weeks i have been told that I am being trained for jobs are yet to exist, for a future that I will have to be multitasking all aspects of my life, designing products, graphics, textiles etc. That the current economy is failing and falling further into a ditch and that we have to be more sustainable or the planet will go into a coma. I'm nervous about saying that the planet will die if we heat up and everything dies on it, the planet will still be alive and active and maybe some bacteria will have survived, what a waste that'd be.

What if we're wrong and the future I've been training for doesn't exist at all. The chance that Waterworld becomes a reality isn't so far fetched anymore.Should i be designing for a future where the progress is still the main aim or a society that is a small band of humans scrounging for food at fresh water. Whether on land or on water.

I'd like to design for the future nomad, bitter at his fathers fathers for condemning him to this life, when they so lavishly bathed in their own opulence and greed and the common man did little that should maybe have taken providence over all else.

How would I design for future problems, possibly set in huge stone or protected cave mass knowledge or a strange mass storage of information on a computer that just simply stated all the important facts. I've heard before that if i was to tell future generations, to those who all information is lost, is that everything is made of particles. And from that civilisation can progress a lot quicker again.

or maybe I'm just one of those paranoid people who have a nuclear bunker stocked with food and weapons for when all the bombs are dropped and they have to fight off the mutants. I'll be told that deal with the problems we have at hand and we'll get by day at a time.

Temperatures will rise, even if we stopped all carbon emissions now. It takes something along the lines of 10-15 years for the effect of our carbon emissions to take effect on the planet (don't quote me on this), so shouldn't I be designing for 10-15 years in the future?

I'd like to have some feed back on this.

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