Sunday, 27 March 2011

So the team.

I couldn't have asked for a better team. Everyone was open but constructive to ideas, no ones ideas were batted away as silly, Jarred was very good at point out the holes in things and keeping my feet on the ground as I tended to float about saying it was all good, don't worry. Helen, bless her socks, was the team worryer/ worrier/ WARRIOR! she was good at the organising of it all and was fully into the project, coming back every week with buckets of research all printed out in a neat folder and i sat there with scraps of paper I'd scribbled on. She was a good checker of things, "Have we done this?" "Do we need to do this?" "Dhat about this?" "Is this going to work?!" and she gave a great presentation. Liam was the financier of the group and added some laughter to the meetings, he did the drudgery of adding up all the information Sarah, Helen and I had brought together. Again Sarah came in with sheets and sheets of things each week and there's me with scribbled down quotes of a phone call. Must be something about textiles that requires millions of sheets of paper. Jarred was the group sceptic which is really required so important questions don't get asked and we can't answer them, but he was open to my arguments of why it'd work, wasn't a stubborn soul, blankly saying no just because he didn't like it. Nicholas was our very apt graphic designer, who got a little compliment from Hamid at the end. During the meetings he absorbed what was happening and when asked his opinion was articulate with his thoughts, usually summing up in a sentance or two and then was able to pull out a load of work near the end of the project with a little help from Jarred, was a professional. Yunhee was a quiet soul who mainly nodded or shook her head with a little smile when asked opinions on the project, she'd bring in research either from what we had assigned her to do or on her own steam. Very well balanced I'm glad they weren't all me or all any individual. I'm proud of everyone.

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