Saturday, 21 November 2009

Precious and Taste

I was just in the edinburgh market with a couple of friends and we all agreed that the food tastes better but it was expensive. The conversation continued to although expensive you wont waste any of the food as you would supermarket food because you can just get more and it's cheap, and you'll use market more wisely and sparingly. It's well established as a nation we eat too much and we're content with rustlers (only god knows why it actually tastes like a dying piece of cardboard has soaked up some drain bovil and slapped between to pieces of grim white bread and topped with a tiny sack of sorry mayo) and if market food was widley bought in each village, town, city maybe we'd treat food more as precious and with excitement, i personally get very excited for good food, arran cheeses and puddledub smoked bacon makes me do a tiny sex wee, if you've tried these things you'll know and we'll high5. I'm vegetarian during the week because I'm far too suspicious of supermarket meat now, there's no life to the meat it feels like an isle of death, and I'll trust market meat for now. The vegtables are dirty, the fruits got scratches I personally like it. Or i might just be an stuck up ponce you decide. But I'll treat my food preciously.

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