Sunday, 15 November 2009

Future of Technology and Nature

Since I've been working on this project I've asked some important questions about what myself personally would like to be and what I would like to change in this world, I do want to change it, maybe not dramatically, but I'd like to inspire and help in anyway I can.

Logically I consider the planets safety foremost for the reason of if there's no planet there's nothing left to help with, I may not be the most fitting person to help and I may be too late to do anything from what i hear, but I can hope, we can hope. Sustainability I believe means to continue.

Nature is an amazing thing in the fact that it can repair and balance it self, although you may feel superior when you chomp down on some bacon and say "it can't be that smart if it's stupid enough to end up on my plate." The pigs probably chuckling that what you're eating isn't actually bacon your eating but bacon flavoured chicken knuckles. Myself addressing food issues if for another blog once the film has started to roll. In natures seemingly meaningless object evolve meaning and massive complexity, from a simple leaf to the strange fact the woodpecker's tongue wraps around it's skull. So i propose that new technologies should also be as complex and allowed to evolve. If technologies fitted in with nature not just encourage nature but blend in, when it becomes part of nature then a house would act more like a birds nest the heating of it not because hot water pumping into hollow metal but warm man feathers.

If technology could keep it self working, it would mimic nature more. Instead of it plugging into the mains power supply but could run off food in the soil, air and rain it could become more like its surroundings.

I've been shown a great video of people working like this in architecture, I'm not an original thinker, I'm a little behind in fact. But the idea of my growing products doesn't seem so far off now and I think I'll be beaten to it.

the video link i thought was slightly funny when a man posted a comment cynically saying that shes thinking she can plant a seed and a house will magically grow, just you wait till you're living in you're seed house fending off the hungry hungry caterpillars

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