Sunday, 28 June 2009

my lifes work?

i have had an idea today, its not an unfimilar idea ive had it before but never took it too seriously. but i thought that a very advanced technology seems like magic to those who havent heard of it. talk about television to the 1700s and theyll think your possessed, for one reason that youre talking about a tiny theatre in a box and two youre able to talk to a time period.

my idea is to have products, buildings that live. now bare with me, i do not expect this to happen over night far from it i was told that to get something done you have to think how long it will take you then double it ( a flippent comment but still ) i expect it to take my entire life therefor i will be dead before its achieved or a zombie.

now biomimicary was shown to me this year and i thought what if things we use could be grown we have egg factories (chickens) already so why not grow a tv. thats when i didnt take this very seriously. but recently ive thought if i could get the technology to produce the simplest thing i could think a lightbulb. now glow worms already emmit light so ill have to research how they do it. so if i could grow give birth to a creature or plant that could emmit light and you could keep it in your house in a pot a living lightbulb.

im no biologist, but its an idea, maybe not a completely implausable idea either. my lifes work would be to create the idea and technology so that future generations could expand and perfect it. what do you think?

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